Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ROugh Digital. Project1


  1. I like all your designs for the most part, number 2 and 16 i think i would loose the olympic rings once it got smaller in teh design. I like number 11 and 12 with the figure in teh background but the type could be hard to read, but it fits.

  2. Your designs are great! I love the variations. There are also many great qualities in each logo, that I can't really decide which ones I like the best. I really like number 2 and 16 (i'm confused with the comment above - did you mean that you would remove the rings once the logo is sized down, or you would remove them, period?) I like the simplicity of the 2 and 16. I also think that 18 is a strong, solid design. I like the border around the logo and the color scheme.

    - Kylie

  3. Liset! I just told you what i thought?! jk. lol.

    Again, I like number 2 and 11. Just work on the type for number 11. I like the type on 17.
    -mary anne

  4. I like the color treatment with you logos, cause it represents Madrid pretty well. I would advise going with logos 11 and 17. Logo 11's hierarchy works will and the color choice helps. Logo 17, maybe you may want to switch madrid with 2020, I believe that will help the composition and the graphic is great.