Thursday, January 28, 2010

Initial Sketches for Olympic logo


  1. The variation of content in these logos are great to see. I like the layout and feel of the matador logo. I instantly think of Spain, which is ideal in the host country's logo. I also like the Spanish designed buildings, especially the logo two up from the bottom right. The flow of the rings, text and building, I believe, looks professional.

  2. I like the stadium one (First set top right) since it has that double look of being a stadium and a fan.

    I also like the Matador on the bottom, The font blends in. I like the idea since Madrid, Spain is about Matadors. The only problem I might have for this is the size. I wonder how much detail are you put on the Matador.

    Second Set Top left, The church building is interesting, the way the rings intergrade within the building. I feel like the rings are little bit big.

    -mary anne

  3. 1- popular landmark looks good, but feels like that is happening alot, bu tdoes work.
    2- thsi concept works for me it looks like it works well.
    3,4- i prefer 4 to 3 it looks great 3 looks a bit too stiff but 4 has motion.
    5,8- good ideas the buildings, but i feel smoe of the other concepts are better.
    9- looks good.

  4. All of your logos have graphic icons that represent Madrid. The hierarchy in the 3rd,4th,5th, 6th, and 9th logos are put together well. The 3rd logo, with the matador really works well with the type.