Friday, January 22, 2010

Olympic Summer Games 2020!

Madrid, Espana!!!
I chose Madrid for its richness in culture and history. It is home to the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen. It is a city that embraces its past and maintains a historic quality, that unfortunately is not seen in many cities of today. Beyond this, Madrid is a captivating place full of life, music, art, movement and above all heri
tage. It has plenty to offer in every respect. It is the perfect city for the Olympic Games of 2020.

Motto: "On water I was built, my walls are made of

Population: 3million+

-One of the wealthiest cities of southwest Europe.
-Political center of Spain.
- Home to the Spanish monarch.

Historical Landmarks include:

Royal Palace of Madrid: Official home to the King of Spain. Largest palace of Europe.

Calle de Alcala: Oldest and longest street of Madrid.

Plaza de Cibeles: home to marble structures. Built in 1770's.
Icon of Madrid.
Focal point is the fountain of Cibeles, goddess of fertility.

Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas: famous bullring. Built in
1931.Hosts bullfights during the San Isidro Fiestas.One of the largest bullrings in the country.

Attributes include the fine artists which have come from Spain:

-Including Miguel De Cervantes, who wrote "Don Quixote," one of the most famous (and entertaining!) novels ever written.

-Francisco Goya: to many he is seen as the "Father of Modern Art." Developed a new way to express oneself through paint. Rejected ideals of art, which came before him. Below "3rd of May," painted in 1808. His work is housed in the museum, El Padro. It is also home to works by Diego Velazquez.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What inspires me...

I chose Graphic design as my career because I've always loved everything about art. It involves creativity, color, technology, design and imagination. I love the idea of being able to create amazing pieces out of images, forms and color. Graphic design is open to anything, its great! I see it less as a job, and more as an outlet to be able to express myself. Design is everywhere, I find it very intriguing yet entertaining at the same time. I want to be apart of the design world and be able to create pieces that can one day be seen in magazines, billboards and so on. My favorite designs are logos and webpages. Both because of their simplicity and functionality. Overall, Graphic Design is what I love to do. =0)
Logo for Shiva Electronics, an audio and electronics company.
Logo design for "Kennedy's", an upscale department store.

Logo application:

Website layout for Charm City Cakes

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Working with type.
Used "Bauhaus" type to create image.


Poster announcing release of book.
Created Cleopatra logo, book cover, and poster.